Weddell Sea


Visiting the Weddell Sea is an unparalleled experience full of adventure, wonder and excitement with captivating views in every direction. One of the most remote locations in the world, the Weddell Sea has a majestic and unusual panorama and history to add extra depth to your Antarctica cruise. Bounded by ice shelves, the sea is a dramatic contrast of towering frosty icebergs, crystal-clear waters and volcanic islands that make up these areas of extremes in Antarctica.

Weddell Sea wildlife

The Weddell Sea is a diverse playground for marine life offering opportunities to spot unique species and animals. Whales, such as orcas and humpbacks, frolic among the ice and are easy to catch sight of on an Antarctica cruise. Leopard and crabeater seals also play along the coast. Many different seabird species can be spotted overhead as you head deep into the Weddell Sea and you may see penguins such as the Adelie breed on Paulet Island, a dark land mass formed by volcanic eruptions that remains mostly ice-free because of geothermal heat. A colony of the elusive Emperor Penguin was found several years ago on Snow Hill island although reaching this region is variable according to ice conditions.

How to Reach the Weddell Sea

The ice sheets of the Weddell Sea make it difficult to reach without an ice-strengthened vessel, making it an ideal place to travel on an Antarctica cruise. Cruise ships designed for exploration through these iceberg alleys are vigorous and durable enough to withstand the extreme climate yet small enough to bring you as close as possible to this ecological wonderland. During an Antarctica cruise through the Weddell Sea, you’ll experience firsthand the splendour and ruggedness of this area from the comfort of a vessel that has all the amenities you need to have a relaxing but adventurous holiday.

Weddell Sea Cruises

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