Polar & Antarctic Circle


Located at the southernmost point on the globe, south of the 66°30’ S line of latitude, this polar destination is as isolated as it is visually stunning.

Passage through the remote landscape of the Antarctic Circle awards you with the opportunity to view many varieties of birds, seals, orca, and penguins and the privilege of being one of the few who have made it this far south in the world, ever.

Although its climate is one of the coldest and driest on Earth, it’s abundance in marine wildlife is a major draw for visitors.Some, like the Chinstrap or Gentoo penguins, may even seem curious of your presence allowing you to photograph them up close. Other Antarctic Circle adventures may include zodiac excursions and kayaking through glacial fields, snow trekking, polar diving, camping, or even paddle boarding.

What to see on your way to the Antarctic Circle

A voyage to the Antarctic Circle will include much of what you will find on an Antarctica Peninsula expedition, sailing the Drake Passage with the chance to see an abundance of feathered friends like the albatross and petrel. Explore the best of the Peninsula, through the many islands and harbours along the Lemaire and Neumayer Channels and beyond.

With the possibility of a 24-hour periods of complete daylight in December, you will experience the utmost serenity of clear blue open waters broken only by the sounds of cracking icebergs in this white and blue paradise. As the clouds part, penguin-colonized beaches and snow-capped mountains invite you to explore the Antarctic Circle.

How to reach the Antarctic Circle: The Journey is Half the Excitement

Cruising offers the best way to experience the Antarctic Circle with the route travelling further south than regular Antarctic Peninsula journeys and some routes even extending so far as the Falkland Islands and South Georgia for an extensive Antarctic experience.

Cruise to the Antarctic Circle onboard the MV Ushuiaia,  G Expedition, MV Plancius, MV Ortelius & Greg Mortimer from Ushuaia in Argentina. If are short on time, you can even take part in the Antarctic Fly Cruise program with the Ocean Nova, Hebridean Sky  or Magellan Explorer from Punta Arenas, Chile. Antarctic Circle

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