Falkland Islands & South Georgia

my-antarctica-travel-tours-falkland-islands-south-georgiaLocated in the South Atlantic Ocean off the shores of Argentina, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia are the veritable gateway to Antarctica. Abounding with wildlife and stunning landscapes, these islands are a top-recommended stop along your journey to the ends of the Earth or even worth venturing to in their own right.  With some of the most ecologically abundant landscapes, the Falklands and South Georgia are home to rare species of penguins, seals, and large-winged sea birds. Between the stories of past explorations and your own, you will find yourself forever connected to your Falkland Islands and South Georgia visit.

The Falkland Islands: Picture Perfect, Past and Present

The Falklands archipelago is not only visually stunning and busy with the presence of nature, but the Victorian-inspired town of Stanley is also a historical sanctuary amongst the vast wilderness of the Islands. Stanley Harbour’s memorials to shipwrecks and the Falkland War stand as sullen reminders of the past. For a change of pace, take time to explore the various smaller islands, each with their own unique geographical features and wildlife habitats.

South Georgia: Nature Shows Off

The island chain of South Georgia is dominated by great mountain ranges, like the Salvesen and Allardyce, which tower high above a winter wonderland. Hailed as one of the most beautiful places on the planet, a trip to South Georgia offers you the rare opportunity to explore one of the densest marine ecosystems known to man including landscapes with what seem to be a never-ending amount of fur seals. Cruises and tours about South Georgia island offer hikes that explore the island’s rich ties to the past explorers like Ernest Shackleton.

How to reach the Falkland Islands & South Georgia: Appetisers for your Antarctic Feast

Cruising is the most advantageous way to explore all the splendour of these islands before reaching the Antarctic. Sailing to these “off beaten” archipelagos of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia is the best way to whet your appetite for more of what this region has to offer with supreme natural beauty on show; from the dark mountains contrasted by white snow peaks, to the stretching fjords surrounding them.

Venture on land as part of your Antarctic cruise and take part in excursions to the islands when you depart by boat as part of your G Expedition, Akademik Ioffe or Akademik Vavilov adventure cruise. Or you can even fly to Stanley from Santiago via Punta Arenas, with flights operating between the two places once a week.

Falkland Islands, South Georgia

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