Antarctic Peninsula


A journey to the Antarctic Peninsula is an experience that will stay with you all your life. A journey to this peninsula is one of the most common regions to explore in Antarctica, but believe, me there is nothing ordinary about this experience.

You will see the incredible contrasting whites and blues of colossal glaciers jut out of the frigid waters while ice floes showcase curious sea lions and penguins.

You will see the incredible Antarctic Peninsula is a region of unsurpassable majestic beauty, a feast for the eyes with soaring mountain peaks, cliffs, and icebergs.

Once your Antarctic cruise is docked, this untouched wonderland offers many incredible activities like snow trekking, kayaking, or relaxing among the penguins that seem unfazed by visitors.

What to see in the Antarctic Peninsula: Anchoring the Bays and Harbours

Hope Bay, known as “Iceberg Alley”, is where the Argentinian research base is located. The Lemaire Channel is an exquisite opportunity to view towering cliffs that separate the Antarctic Peninsula from Booth Island. In Paradise Harbour, Zodiac boats and kayaks allow you to navigate through the masses of icebergs and floes and allow up-close access to wildlife. Neumayer Channel and Port Lockeroy offer a peek into the history of the Peninsula’s scientific research program.

Antarctic Peninsula Wildlife: Welcome to Their World

If you have never heard the moan of a Humpback whale or sat side-by-side an Adelie penguin, then a visit to the Antarctic Peninsula is your best opportunity to do so. The animal species of the Peninsula are richly dependent upon the polar waters that surround them. As the ocean here is abundant with krill and fish, it attracts many large mammals that come well equipped for the harsh temperatures. As you sail around the Peninsula, you will encounter many fold species of birds, seals, and penguins. You may even catch the glimpse of a whale breaching the surface, a truly magnificent spectacle to witness.

How to explore the Antarctic Peninsula: Go your own way

Cruising is the most common way to experience the Antarctic Peninsula and you can choose to focus on this region or choose from cruise routes with expanded itineraries to also include the Falkland Islands and South Georgia. The most popular or Classic route to the Antarctica Peninsula travels back and through the Drake Passage’s mingling waters for two days, a long but rewarding journey featuring a variety of marine life and panoramic views of glassy waters contrasted against endless horizon. Our Antarctic cruise expeditions on the G Expedition, Akademik Ioffe & Akademik Vavilov ships all depart from Ushuaia, Argentina to the Antarctic Peninsula. If you aren’t feeling up to the two-day sea journey across the Drake or have limited time, you may opt for a shorter fly-cruise Antarctica expedition on board the Ocean Nova and Hebridean Sky (formerly the Sea Explorer.)

Antarctic Peninsula Tours

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