Whales in Antarctica : World Whale Day Promo

Whales in Antarctica : World Whale Day Promo

Seeing whales in Antarctica could be one of the many reasons you’ve been dreaming of venturing to the seventh continent.  

With these incredible mammals ever more protected as their numbers are unfortunately dwindling, seeing whales leap above the ocean, interact with their calves or hear their amazing songs in real life has to be an absolute highlight of travelling in Antarctica.  

To celebrate World Whale Day on 15 February, we are focusing on the giants of the oceans, the whales and how best to view them in antarctica. 


Which types of whales in antarctica could you see?

There are eight different species of whales in antarctica you could potentially come across: 

Blue whales, Fin whales, Humpback whales, Killer whales (also known as orcas,) Minke whales, Right whales, Sei whales and Sperm whales. 



Humpback whale in Antarctic waters. Pic by Erwin Vermeulen for Oceanwide Expeditions.

How to increase your chances of seeing whales in Antarctica

There are a number of ways to make your chances of spotting whales in the wild as you travel through Antarctica more likely. With wildlife, there are no guarantees however but there are definitely ways to move the odds in your favour if seeing whales in antarctica appeals to your inner traveller. 

Travel during a time for whale watching 

Whale watching is possible throughout all months in the Antarctic season (October to March) but most sightings occur during late February till March. 

Early in the season (November) is also considered a fairly good time to observe some whale species as it is colder and the environment is less disturbed at this time. 

Many of the the cruises scheduled to depart around March will often be named specifically as whale watching voyages and you may also have a particular focus on whale watching with specialist guides or lectures on board.  

Opt for a longer voyage 

It should go without saying that more time spent at sea, will often give you more opportunities to view any wildlife, and this is definitely the case with trying to see whales in antarctica. 

Longer voyages usually mean some extra travel further south, for example, past the Antarctic peninsula and into the Antarctic circle region where you are more likely to come across various species, such as the fin, minke and humpback whales near the antarctic circle.   

More time at sea doesn’t always mean a longer cruise time, some fly cruises save time by flying across the Drake Passage and onto the Antarctic continent itself, so for example, a polar circle cruise would normally take at least 12 days, it can take only 10 when travelling on the Magellan Explorer, Ocean Nova or Hebridean Sky

However, this does need to be balanced against the fact that you may even have the possibility of viewing whales as you cross the Drake Passage itself.  

 Read 6 Antarctic Circle Facts to Inspire your Travels here 

Bring your second pair of eyes 

A great set of binoculars really does enhance your wildlife viewing experience, and this couldn’t be applicable than when trying to spot whales in antarctica who as much as we would like them to, don’t necessarily swim right up to the correct side you happen to be viewing from on your particular ship. 

World Whale Day Promos for 2020 and 2021 Seasons!


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Whale Watching Promos 2020/2021 Terms: 

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