Antarctica Travel Regions

Antarctica Travel Regions: Where to go


Antarctica travel is as vast as it is picturesque, so deciding which regions to visit may seem overwhelming.


The great news is that, no matter where you find yourself, you are guaranteed unforgettable scenery as this untouched wilderness puts on quite the show. While a visit to Antarctica is not for the faint of heart, it is the bucket list trip that every adventurous traveller should embark upon.


Where you decide to go on you Antarctic travel adventure is truly up to you with cruises exploring single, a couple or even all Antarctic travel regions possible.


You can travel to the Antarctic Peninsula, beyond that to reach the Antarctic Circle (or Polar Circle as some would call it) and who could forget the wildlife rich and historically important Falkland Islands and South Georgia. Or you can combine them all for one ultimate adventure. And for the more adventurous, a voyage to the Weddell Sea could take you to some of the most unexplored regions on the planet.
Read more about the most popular Antarctic Travel Regions below by following the links to different travel regions to see which cruises you can choose to explore these beautiful places.


And below is a list of even more highlights possible on your Antarctica travel experience.


Antarctic Peninsula


The most common place to discover in the South Pole is the Antarctic peninsula, whether by cruise or flight or a combination of both, the Antarctic peninsula is a place you will never forget.


Antarctic Circle


Looking to travel beyond just the peninsula or want the privilege of being one of the few to ever reach as far south as the Antarctic Circle? A Polar Circle adventure awaits.


Falkland Islands & South Georgia


The Atlantic Falkland Islands & South Georgia offer a complete Antarctic travel experience for avid wildlife & history enthusiasts.


 Weddell Seamy-antarctica-travel-weddell-sea-emperor-penguins

Venture even further beyond the depths of Antarctica with a journey to the Weddell Sea. Flecked with floating ice sheets, these crystal clear waters are just East of the Antarctic Peninsula. The Weddell Sea rewards those who are adventurous enough to navigate it with its spectacular beauty, diverse wildlife, and the colossal Filchner and Ronne ice shelves. More

What to Expect: Highlights of Antarctica Travel

Some highlights of the most impenetrable and pristine regions of the planet.

Antarctic Landscapes – What Polar Travel Dreams are Made of

The moment you spot your first iceberg, your life will be forever changed. The otherworldly landscapes you will encounter during your Antarctic travel adventure will allow you to see our planet in all it’s splendour, as it was meant to be. Glacier formations glisten in the pure sunlight while crackling ice floes reflect the colours of the clear blue skies above. Inland, snow-capped mountain peaks seem to touch the heavens and penguin and seal colonies seem curious, yet welcoming, of your presence. As you wind down your daily explorations, you will be honoured with some of the most vivid sunsets on Earth.

Antarctica Wildlife – Spectacular species and numbers

Your Antarctica travel adventure offers the opportunity to come very close to some unique polar species. The region is teeming with wildlife. You can spot the humpback or blue whale, rare species of marine birds like the albatross, and a wide range of penguins and seals. It is truly remarkable that, despite the harsh conditions of the climate, these species are able to thrive here. Bird and whale watchers alike won’t be disappointed.

The Ultimate adventure – An expedition of a lifetime

While Antarctica travel is not for everyone, it’s haunting beauty is a true life-changing adventure for those willing to take the journey. For the rewards of travel there aren’t merely in sightseeing, but in changing your overall perspective. You can retrace the polar voyages of explorers long gone and yet rediscover yourself in this remote environment.

Unique Activities and Excursions

Our Antarctic travel expedition cruises offer many options for unforgettable excursions. However if you wish for your venture to the ends of the Earth to be a bit more interactive, there are additional add-on activities worth considering.

Kayaking, Camping in Antarctica, Snowshoeing, Ski touring or Enhanced Photography and even Yoga are possible depending on the cruise ship selected and/or departure date.

Look for the following icons to see if your ship offers the Antarctic activities you wish to fit your own adventurous spirit.