So you’re a little nervous about whether Antarctica is for you?

You know a bit about what want to see or do, but don’t feel confident that you’ll make the right choice on your own.

We understand. When first looking into the myriad of options for Antarctica it can be daunting. Every ship is slightly different and each region unique in it’s own way which can be puzzling to decipher how you will pick between them.

My Antarctica’s polar travel experts can help to bring your journey to Antarctica to life quickly and seamlessly.

We want you to have the most amazing, incredible, absolutely, indescribably, fantastic journey to Antarctica. Ever!

We want you to love it so much that you can’t stop reliving each moment, urging your friends to go there too and just accept that as hard as you try with your photography, your images just can’t seem to capture its true beauty. (And that’s got nothing to do with your shutterbug skills.)

The My Antarctica Difference

We understand that every traveller is different, has differing needs/ requirements—this is why we delve deep into this before recommending one Antarctic travel program over another.

An Antarctic expedition is a true adventure and our select range of cruise and tour programs understand this, and ALL offer daily activities so you can discover this desolate destination up close and personal for yourself.

Our Antarctic programs includes things like landings at important sites, views and landscapes you can’t even imagine, snow walks, rides on short motorized boats called zodiacs and you can even max out your adventure with options such as camping, kayaking, skiing or relax and appreciate it fully with Antarctic yoga.

We understand that exploring Antarctica comes with it its own intricacies and complexities and want to honour the destination in its own right.

Whilst travel to far flung corners of the globe can sometimes feel complex or ‘too hard,’ you don’t have to nor should you leave these places to the end of your travel list or feel you can only make them ‘the last big trip’ of your lifetime.

What’s the Next Step?

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From Our Founder

Hi I’m Katherine Garces and I’ve been helping travellers to create unforgettable moments in South America and Antarctica for over a decade. Nothing makes me happier than when one of my clients wants something a little out of the ordinary and I can help them realise it on their holiday.

Boutique South America About Katherine Garces Travel ConsultantI have a passion for discovery and believe this is as much about mindset than the exact spot in the world you are right now. It’s about being open, embracing rather than being afraid of the new and allowing yourself to grow by putting yourself in situations that fall outside your regular day to day.

When I launched sister travel brand Boutique South America, the focus was on creating unique experiential journeys.

My role is not to book something on your behalf because that’s only one part of the travel equation. I am a specialist travel consultant and commit to working with you to craft something truly one of a kind based on your interests and needs.

The best way to guarantee a great experience is to really consider your options and spend time planning this effectively. We take the time to really understand what kind of traveller you are and help you choose how to explore based on this.

We work with independent travellers who value the experience of what they will do above everything else, because they know these experiences are what truly makes for a rich life.

It was only a matter of time before we brought this same holistic approach to another region of our expertise, Antarctica.

So join us as we continue on our mission to move less travelled to parts of the world like South America and Antarctica higher up the bucket lists of more and more travellers.

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