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Will Antarctica travel be your next ultimate adventure?

Antarctica travel is your chance to visit a place where so few have ventured before. Find yourself truly immersed in this winter wonderland, for it is as calm as it is stunning. Wind-carved glaciers of blue and white seem to stand tall in protection of the vast wilderness beyond.

An Antarctic tour is not just a trip. It's an exploration.

And you shouldn't expect anything less than one on one encounters and breathtaking wilderness from your experience.


Why My Antarctica?

My Antarctica is the Polar Travel Expert to help you find your perfect Antarctic adventure. We answer the big questions relating to Antarctic travel for you such as where, when and how to explore this region. Easily narrow down your options and feel sure of your decisions based on the level of comfort, your sense adventure and the investment you wish to make.

A few more reasons why My Antarctica can help you make this region an incredible travel experience:

Hand-Selected Antarctica Cruising & Touring Options

My Antarctica cruises and programs are chosen according to our polar expertise to ensure that, no matter what your travel style, you are guaranteed to get the highest quality experience focusing on plentiful and awe-inspiring cruise excursions on our range of Antarctic Tours.

Focus On Intimate Experiences

It’s not just about the destination, but your journey is an essential part of an outstanding experience of Antarctica. We prefer smaller cruises and programs so you can have a more personal discovery.

 Effortless Antarctic Travel Research

Planning your My Antarctica experience is simpler with our one-stop-shop approach wherein our Polar Advice Blog gives you the insider scoop on Antarctica travel, the best regions to travel to and information on the different ships, and our free webinars provide you with an opportunity to hear more from our polar experts.

No Service Fee Games

With a My Antarctica travel package, you can be rest assured that the final price really is close to what you will pay. You will not pay for huge hidden transaction or merchant fees or 2-3% on top of the cruise price, we only charge a set service fee of US $15 per transaction to keep it transparent.

No-Fuss Payment Flexibility

With a My Antarctica travel adventure you don’t have to wait to make your dreams come true because you can pay your deposit now and secure your cruise, then pay the balance later. You can even set up payment plans that come out of your account monthly to suit you.

Solo Travellers Welcome

No need to fret if you’re an intrepid single traveller with Antarctica dreams. We can cabin match you with someone of the same gender on most Antarctic voyages so you can avoid any pesky single supplements.